April 2016 NPD Thread! Hardware and software up!

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Vita for the win!
I mean, tagged!


are we going to get the actual numbers before NEOGAF? I will be refreshing this thread then. :)

Slow months are usually boring, but with so many exclusives it might be exciting.

Bandorr said:
This, and the November one are the two most interesting ones for me. Quantum break, and Gears of 4 are the biggest chances for anything close.

Isn't Gears 4 in October?

So Xbox One was on sale all last month so that should help it.
It aslo had QB
PS4 rocked Amazon so along with Ratchet and the favorable Dark Souls split it has the obvious advantage.
The real battle is between the software.
Also interesting to see if MLB can hang on for another month.


Hope we get R&C numbers!

Easy win for PS4.

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Tag, We got full VGC data this month :D

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