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I'm guessing that new Switch SKU is probably a VN for Japan only ....
Anyway, Kakarot makes a great move despite expecting it to be one of the lowest selling main DBZ game in a while.

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Not the new Switch title I was expecting now (Pokemon mystery Dungeon)...

At least Final Fantasy starts moving now

NSW - 15
PS4 - 5

Total: 262 (-396 WoW)

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StarCraft and Fallout 4 currently.

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Octopath Traveler

Amazon thread

FF7 Remake part 1 lost a point but also gained 37 days.

Woops, holidays period is over I guess ...

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Aww, Switch lost Sword Art Online...

Poor TMS#FEE about to be solidly outsold by some random visual novel, on its own system.