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Games that have recieved 40%, or less, on Game Rankings:

Nintendo DS

1. Chicken ShootDSZuxxez3--11.7%
2. Elf Bowling 1 & 2DSIgnition Entertainment44.412.3%
3. Tennis MastersDSSystem 315.015.0%
4. Backyard FootballDSHumongous Entertainment1--15.0%
5. Spelling Challenges and More!DSCrave1--15.0%
6. Mini RC RallyDSSummitsoft Entertainment16.019.0%
7. Crazy Frog RacerDSDigital Jesters18.020.0%
8. Vegas Casino High 5!DSSVG Distribution1--20.0%
9. SudokuroDSCrave110.020.0%
10. Spanish for EveryoneDSActivision1--20.0%
11. Master Jin Jin's IQ ChallengeDSValcon Games1--20.0%
12. Deal or No DealDSDestination Software9--20.8%
13. Godzilla Unleashed: Double SmashDSAtari7--21.9%
14. Sudoku ManiaDSUFO Interactive55.022.8%
15. Major League Baseball 2K7DS2K Sports35.725.0%
16. Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieDSUbisoft74.925.1%
17. Wiffle Ball AdvanceDSDSI Games77.025.6%
18. ATV: Quad FrenzyDSMajesco Games65.225.7%
19. AniMatesDSDreamcatcher6--27.0%
20. Dino MasterDSMajesco Games66.327.5%
21. Monster Trucks DSDSMajesco Games96.628.2%
22. Ping PalsDSTHQ204.829.2%
23. Sea World: Shamu's Deep Sea AdventureDSActivision13.230.0%
24. Math PlayDSNatsume1--30.0%
25. Showtime Championship BoxingDSDSI Games2--30.0%
26. Imagine Fashion DesignerDSUbisoft1--30.0%
27. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsDSEA Games95.531.1%
28. Ed, Edd & Eddy: Scam of the CenturyDSD33--31.3%
29. Harlem Globetrotters: World TourDSDSI Games45.331.5%
30. Super Black Bass FishingDSMajesco Games67.232.5%
31. Superman Returns: The VideogameDSEA Games96.032.6%
32. Dragon BoosterDSKonami164.833.6%
33. Princess NatashaDSDSI Games36.533.7%
34. B-17: Fortress in the SkyDSDSI Games57.035.0%
35. Arctic TaleDSDSI Games1--35.0%
36. Imagine BabyzDSUbisoft1--35.0%
37. March of the PenguinsDSDSI Games86.735.5%
38. F24: Stealth FighterDSMajesco Games65.535.5%
39. Biker Mice from MarsDSThe Game Factory36.036.0%
40. Original Frisbee Disc Sports: Ultimate & GolfDSDestination Software3--36.0%
41. Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music SkillsDSAgetec Inc.4--37.0%
42. Real Time Conflict: Shogun EmpiresDSNamco66.737.0%
43. Bubble Bobble RevolutionDSCodemasters196.437.5%
44. Tenchu: Dark SecretDSNintendo115.037.6%
45. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver SurferDSTake-Two Interactive10--38.4%
46. Burnout LegendsDSEA Games145.138.4%
47. Professional Fisherman's Tour: Northern HemisphereDSTommo3--39.7%
48. Crash Boom Bang!DS

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