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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Sony só fucking dumb to refuse a shit deal when they finance the movies, Disney gets 100% profit from merchandising and still wanted 50% of the Money tickets lol.

Get greedy get fucked. But ofcourse disney Fanboys Will go balistic on Sony.

Sony should make a Kraven the Hunter movie , the last hunt adaptation, after that time for Venom vs spiderman.

Marvel need to fucking start with xmen and fantástic Four , i have no interest in the Direction they are going.

The reported Disney 50/50 split offer was debunked. It turns out they actually offered Sony 25-30% in addition to helping them co-finance future Spidey films (whereas before, Sony fully funded the MCU Spidey films and Disney got a small 5% cut of the box office take) and Sony gave them the cold shoulder. It was only AFTER this that they upped the offer to 50/50, which everyone agrees is ludicrous and nobody in their right mind would accept that.

So yeah, it looks like Sony ARE being dicks/stupid and not simply refusing to bend over to Disney's greed. Not only that, but Sony painted this as MARVEL's decision not to continue on with Spider-Man in their official statement, which makes them look even worse. This is not a good look for Sony, after all, they're not exactly lauded as a studio with integrity. #BoycottSony is already a hotly-trending hashtag on Twitter, lol.

Tom Rothman disagrees, though. The guy who's "brilliant" idea it was to make AvP PG-13 and set on contemporary earth, sabotaged Mathieu Kassovitz's work on Babylon A.D. to the point where he chewed out Fox and told fans NOT to see the movie, repeatedly stall Deadpool's production, sabotage X-Men Origins: Wolverine in which he explicitly asked that Deadpool's mouth be sewn shut (!), cut a half-hour from DareDevil which left a bunch of plot holes and trying to replicate Spider-Man with CGI when it was pitched as a darker and more violent film and oversaw all 3 shitacular Fantastic Four movies, including the godawful 2015 reboot (Fant4shit) as well as pitching the idea to turn Galactus into a space cloud in RotSS, yeah, THAT Tom Rothman. You can read all about his "great" track record here.

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