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Late to this party. IMO Golden Deer house is the best house for playing the keep-away game. Late game flyers can still swoop in from half the map away, and one hit KO your archers/mages if you aren't careful though. At least on hard mode. 

The weapon triangle still exists, it's just hidden behind the skills system. There's a skill that gives +20 Avoid when using a weapon that is strong against another weapon. 

setsunatenshi said:

Anyway, I'm overall enjoying the experience so far, really want to see the ending on the crimson route, but I don't think I have enough motivation to start all over from the beginning. The grind at the school is already feeling old at this point, there's no way I could go through it all over again.

New Game+ speeds everything up by a ton. The grind is pretty much gone in that mode. 

RolStoppable said:
The Black Eagles don't have any competent tank and the mage-heavy cast only makes that worse; you'll have to change the characters' preset paths to develop a capable party.

Ferdinand, and Petra both make great dodge tanks. Caspar is really good at dodging as well. 

Ferdinand should go as Myrmidon, and then Swordmaster for the speed bonuses. Combine Jeralt's Mercenaries with his full HP dodge/hit ability and he's really hard for enemies to hit. A dodge ring helps as well. Don't give him a shield or he will be slowed down enough to be hit a lot. 

Petra has access to the waiting ability that gives her +15-20 avoid. As a Wyvern Rider you should be able to fly into the best woods area for improved dodging. Dismount and tank everyone. 

El could take 3-4 hits in my hard mode playthrough, without dying, with her final unique class. 

Stellar_Fungk said:

The weight and attack speed irritates me and now theres diffirent shields so that means that all my units inventory during battle is full with iron, steel weapons and shields in case I need to adjust my AS to not get doubled or to be able to double. It makes the battle preparations very long for me and I need to change gear often during battle.

Is there a basic rule to this. What kind of units should use steel weapons and shields?

Attack Speed = Speed - ( Equipped Equipment Weight - Strength / 5), all rounded down. 

So if you give a character with a low strength and/or speed stat a heavy shield or weapon they will get attacked twice. If anything level your mages' heavy armor skill up to D-C for the -3 weight skill that negates the weight of a decent shield.

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