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DonFerrari said:

I'm curious of the metrics of success the Kinect games and SoT are held to, don't remember any critical acclaim or sales blockbuster.

3 Kinect Sports, talk about great games and freedom to choose Kinect.

Kinect Sports 1 - 6.2M (on the hype of Kinect, was it bundled?) - Meta 73

Season 2 - 2.33M - Meta 66

Rivals - 620k (big success I'm sure) - Meta 60

SoT 1M sales and 69 Meta.

Well if Sony and Nintendo were to be held to such high standards nothing they do could be considered success.

Umm why are you even looking at physical sales? The game is free on Game Pass and is also a digital game. We know that game has recently had 2m players return since the Anniversary Update and has had 8.2m players at least try it out. Not a bad number for a game no one is interested in. SOT is a solid title weather you like it or not.

Clearly Rare were doing okay with Kinect and keeping themselves afloat. Kinect Adventures also sold over 20m copies with a review score of 73 (Yes it was bundled with Kinect but a solid title none the less) Kinect Sports wasn't bundled from memory, that was Kinect Adventures, both scoring a 73. To put that in perspective, 73 meta is what Killzone Shadowfall scored by Sony's Gruella Games.

MS also hasn't had a say with Battletoads or Sea of Thieves so this is all on Rare and there internal decisions. 

JWeinCom said:

And he had to ask how looking at something can make you feel something.  Guess he hasn't seen that special guy or gal yet.

^ Is this directed at me? Because you have confused me. 

Looking at something does not mean you can feel something haha. You can only assume what something feels like with your eyes but never actually feel it. I am no doctor but you can thank me anyway. You know what they say about assuming.

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