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Zoombael said:
pokoko said:

Are you being pedantic on purpose?  We're talking about a series where the first game is by far the best known and upon which everything else is based.  Even one of the games you mentioned is basically a remake and the other was a bomb that almost no one played.  The original game is the baseline for the franchise, like it or not.  

Nope. The franchise is the "baseline". You missed the point by a mile. Read my first reply to you, you ignored its essence: The major reason "fans" are dissapointed of the new BT, is because its generic artstyle and tone (PC Dark Queen) and gameplay is out of line. Wether you like the original games or not, how they play, how (un)successful they were, is irrelevant in this discussion.

It's more like you missed the point, or perhaps you're just trying to confuse the point because you don't like it. The games, in my opinion, were never anything special, which means that any follow-up was never going to be special.  Easy concept for most people to understand.  "But ... but what about Battlemaniacs," means nothing when it was basically the same damn game.  Your point isn't my point, which means you're the one that had it fly over your head.