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Yeah the art style is awful imo and I keep hoping that maybe the gameplay will save it if it ends up being fun enough to look past the awful art style, but then the gameplay looks way too slow to the point where it would be more like a chore to finish because of how slow it is. Like, the potential is there for something that seems like it could be fun but why is it so sloooooooooow. I never played the originals but even watching some random videos of them I can see how much faster those were, why on earth did they change it all so much.

I'm still gonna hold out hope and wait until the full game is released before I fully judge it, but god damn this has been nothing but disappointment ever since they finally showed this game to the public. Went from being one of my most hyped when it was announced at E3 2018 to complete let down. We finally get another Battletoads game after 24 years and this is what we get, and now if it doesn't due well as a result of being so different from the previous games for all we know it might be put on ice for decades again.