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Azzanation said:
KLXVER said:

No, I don't. Just like someone sees a trailer for a movie and likes it and then sees a trailer of a movie they don't like. Are they being unfair to one of the movies then?

Its pretty obvious, To say one game looks like complete garbage and say the other game looks gorgeous, considering they both opt for the same thing is what sounds weird to me. Basically, its like looking at two identical picture frames and saying one looks like crap and the other looks amazing. Its basically the comparison I am making here.

If Battletoads looks like something from Newgrounds or some cheap Indy phone game than same can be said for Cuphead. But no one will bash Cuphead's art style. Like I said in my pic comparison. Its the community in a nutshell. It says a lot about the people in here. Double standards is huge.

No it really cant...

Cuphead emolates the retro cartoon feeling and pulls it off amazingly.
plus its gameplay works as it is.

Battletoads looks like a cheap flash game.... and the gameplay looks "off" to say it mildly, it doesnt even feel like a battletoads game.

Its a "night & day" differnce between the two.
You might think they both are aiming for the same thing, but the differnce is how well they pull it off then.

Like theres clearly a massive quality differnce between the two.
Battletoads did not get anywhere near the Tender love & care (tlc) of Cuphead.... and it shows.