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Azzanation said:

If Battletoads looks like something from Newgrounds or some cheap Indy phone game than same can be said for Cuphead. But no one will bash Cuphead's art style. Like I said in my pic comparison. Its the community in a nutshell. It says a lot about the people in here. Double standards is huge.

Battletoads has the style of a 2010's cartoon, Cuphead has the style of a 1940's cartoon. They are not close to the same. But even if they were exactly the same it doesn't matter. One art style may be good for one game while not for another. Battletoads isn't a new series so a change in art style can always be abrasive.

Horizon Chase Turbo is great and I like the art style, that doesn't mean I want The Crew or Need For Speed to look like it. That's not double standards.

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