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jason1637 said:
HylianSwordsman said:

Lol, are you kidding me? Have you seen the plan? It blows every other plan out of the water. Everything else is a joke by comparison. Warren seriously needs to step her game up to compete on climate after this one.

What about Bernies plan is better?

It outclasses every other plan out there in pretty much every facet, does it faster, and does it with a direct investment in the American economy that would result in fixing climate change not harming the economy, but instead helping it. A few other plans try similar investments, but none are this aggressive, would prevent as much climate change damage as this one, and none stand a chance of creating nearly as many jobs (20 million) while also helping those in the fossil fuel industry that would be losing them by giving them free training and job placement. To Jay Inslee's credit though, his plan was more detailed and also had a 10 year target like Bernie's, but he's dropping out and ultimately Bernie's goes farther, penetrating deeper into the economy and with deeper investments. It also lays out a foreign policy vision that would see the United States lead on the world stage. Right now, China is being looked to for leadership, due to their deep investments, which is ultimately sickening and ironic, considering they're also the biggest coal polluters and their totalitarian dictatorship absolutely cannot be allowed to be the government that sets the example for leadership in anything. Bernie's plan represents massive, international mobilization to address the climate change problem, and a revolution at home that would be a kick in the pants to our economy if Trump's policies do indeed lead to a recession. It's on a whole other scale from other proposals.