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pokoko said:
The original game wasn't very good. I don't know why people would have great expectations built from that baseline.

Battletoads was merciless... and "hard", but as kids we'd just laugh it off and give it another go.
The goofy'ness of it, and all the random ways you could go down, made it fun even if it was challengeing.
(made it good for "group" gameing, pass the controller to next kid, and take turns)

Was it anywhere near the greatness that something like Super Mario bro's 3 was?
Probably not, but it wasnt a "bad" game.

Would I go replay it today? honestly no.
But as a kid, I loved batttled toads (not as a single player experiance) but as a group challenge sort of thing.
(we were determined to get through battletoads, and I think we actually managed it? cant even remember.)

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