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Cerebralbore101 said:
Playing on Hard Classic difficulty. Currently fighting a massive three fronts battle where there are two ally factions on the left and right side of the map. Two of these allies are named, and I want to keep them alive. But they just keep Leroy Jenkinsing right into the enemy. It's infuriating. I've fought this same battle three times in a row, plus endless Divine Pulses to move back in time. Restarting a fourth time. I'm going to have to put my flyers and calvalry on the left side so I can sweep enemies before these stupid allies can Leroy themselves to death.

Path and chapter? Doesn't sound like any of the Golden Deer maps, but I have actually found the ally AI to not be completely awful and infact helpful at times. Chapter 12 is a good example where they assisted in killing the monsters. Sounds like you're better off letting them die though. If there's a reward for keeping them all alive it's probably just a stat booster.