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mZuzek said:

curl-6 said:

Some caps from the Switch port:

Far out, I think we may have a new competitor in the field of "best looking Switch game"...

To think we have this running on the same system that has Bloodstained at 720p 30fps...

Not all devs are created equal I suppose; even on PS4/Xbone/PC Ethan Carter is a much more graphically impressive game than Bloodstained.

I was going to say there's also the factor that the Bloodstained guys were working on 4 platforms at once while the Ethan Carter devs, (The Astronuats, out of Poland) have gone back years after the PS4/Xbone releases to rebuild it for Switch, though now that I type this I remember they're also working on a new game as well, so I guess their resources are still split.