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Decker said:
COKTOE said:
As a massive fan of Fire Emblem 1 and Fire Emblem 2, which I played on the DS with it's backwards compatibility, as well as Path Of Radiance on the Gamecube, that sounds disappointing. I was a huge fan of FF Tactics as well, and the next game in that series I played, FF Tactics Advance 2, was nowhere near as good as the original. Way too easy. Actual strategy was not really necessary. I scorched through a fairly boring experience, and haven't really returned to the sub-genre outside of a brief flirtation with Disgaea 3.

It's getting good reviews though, so ????? Your write up is the first one I've read.

Have you tried Tactics Ogre on PSP or Jeanne D'arc also on PSP? They are very similar to FF Tactics and also really great games.

I've been interested in Jeanne D'arc since it was released, but have never tried it. I did play the Tactics Ogre game on N64, but couldn't get into it. Never tried any of the PS games. Thanks for the suggestions :)

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