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I believe the game has me clocked at 12 hours roughly (give or take), and I *think* I'm on Chapter 2, but perhaps I made it to Chapter 3. I finished the...

"Red Canyon Dominance"

... mission, which was the Chapter 2 battle. I watched the post-fight cutscenes, some support skits, and upgraded two of my character's to their Level 5 class. I chose to use the next free day to explore the monastery and saved and quit without exploring any of it yet.

I'm not far enough to have figured out how the skill mechanics work, but it seems like mastering a class gives you a perk (like +5 HP) that can be used with any class.

My question: Are these class mastery perks limited? In other words, am I only allowed to equip a certain number of them at a time, or can I stack as many as I can get. I'm trying to decide if I should advance classes that haven't yet reached their mastery level.