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Pyro as Bill said:
I think I played FE on DS.
Is it a medievally version of Advance Wars? Archers instead of artillery n shit?
For someone who couldn't care less about story or micromanaging is there anything I should/shouldn't do to ensure I'm not wasting time?

It is but unlike Advance Wars your units aren't expendable they're unique characters.

Tbh I'd say you probably shouldn't get 3 Houses, half the game time is spent outside of battle experiencing characters and story and managing equipment n unit growths. Any of the older FE games would suit ya better.

Chrkeller said:
Broke 30 hours, and it feels like the end is nigh. I still really like the game, but I have another complaint. Pacing. The beginning of the game is good. The back half (starting at chapter 2) is absolutely superb. But the middle of the game drags a bit. I think chapter 1 should have been shorter, and chapter 2 needs more battles. Chapter 2 is amazing. So much better than chapter 1.

I think you mean Part 1/2, and yeah Part 1 has 12 chapters plus more paralogues, Part 2 has 10, so it did feel rushed for me also, at least that's the case for the Golden Deer route. Course it didn't help that I started beating maps in 1-5 turns haha. Stride-Rescue-Dance-Warp plays need to be illegal!