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Mar1217 said:
Liquid_faction said:

Uhmm, the game isn't that long... That 80 hour per house was pretty exaggerated. My first clear was 36 hours and that was me trying to look at guides and trying to save everyone. Second and third one went a lot faster since I didn't have to go through the unnecessary stuff like looking at their bonding events or roaming around the monastery. I'd have beaten this game much faster if the switch didn't have to die every two hours (and before you ask, why not just plug it into the TV, I play Three houses like I play VN's, with headphones.) Look at it this way, a VN called Rio Reincarnation was released on July 23, according to VNDB it's a 50+ hour game, I finished that before Three Houses came out on the 26th at midnight.

36 hours huh ? I guess you just skeemed through the game then, you probably automated your teachings with the students, didn't explore much of the monastery beyond your 1st time, didn't watch most of the support conversation on your first run and speed through the multiples battles of the game in less than 30 minutes each ...

1) You rushed through your playthrough hard to get to the ending, which undermines the experience you could of had by doing almost none of it than just the mandatory.


2) You're lying through your teeth. (Unless you're willing to give proof in the form of a screenshot or such)

Sorry, but I'm truly skepitcal on your account, I mean no harm though. It's still fine if that's the way your wanna play your games.

I'm NoT oBlIgAtEd To GiVe YoU pRoOf!!


Atleast, that's what I would say if I was some cuck.


Here is a pic of my Switch just so some of you people that think I'm hating on the console for no reason would calm down.


Here is a pic of my last clear, my current playthrough, and two of my first playthroughs.


And since I overwrite save clears with a new clear, here is a pic of my extras with the main characters all at A, except for second best girl Edelgard being an S. (You can only get an A with a character after the time skip, atleast, that's when I got the A's. 

The only thing here is that I played the game on Casual, that's mostly cause I didn't really buy this game for the combat, I bought it for the ship.

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