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Keybladewielder said:

Switch continues its domination.

nnnnn Xbox  imagine how bad its sales must be in Europe...

remember when people said that the X1 would dominate because the X1S and X1X had a UHD Blu ray player.... remember when they said that... on a gaming forum and were serious. not only are both models of the PS4 doing just fine with their regular blu ray drive but the Switch just got Youtube and that things selling like hotcakes just as a games device alone, I mean I guess you can put a blu ray disc into the dock while the Switch isn't in there... could keep it nice and warm, might scratch it though!


Been saying it since before Xmas now... X1 is in cascade failure mode, it's failing more each week because it failed in the previous week, has a knock on effect and is now very clearly the console to not buy.

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