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It's time for the Friday news:


The Division 2 has more PC preorders than the original, despite skipping Steam
Ubisoft surprised a lot of people in January when it announced that The Division 2 will be released on the Epic Games Store and not Steam—and that at least some of its future PC releases will be given the same treatment. Ubi said at the time that it believes Epic will "deliver a smooth journey," from preordering to release, and that Epic's effort to "disrupt" the industry is "something Ubisoft wants to support."
Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot went deeper into the company's reasoning for changing stores today during an earnings call, and the short (and obvious) version is that Ubisoft believes it can make more money outside of Steam. So far it sounds like the strategy is working out well.
"Early indications are supportive, as PC preorders are higher than for the first Division, and preorders on the Ubisoft Store are six times higher. We believe this deal is a long-term positive for Ubisoft."
>> The Ubi Store numbers are what Ubi must be most happy about.

Romance pigeons and joust with genitals in Humble's Valentine's Day Sale
Today is February 14, Valentine's Day, a day of love and romance and all that nonsense, and also a day to pick up some videogames on the cheap over on the Humble Store. The Valentine Sale has discounts of up to 90 percent on a selection of games that include heartfelt adventures, visual novels, and battling private parts.
>> A bit late, I know. But the sale will last another 3 days.
But there are other sales on the Humble Store:


And at Fanatical,






Dino Crisis mod released for Resident Evil 2 Remake, replaces Claire with Regina & Leon with Dylan
Dino Crisis fans, here is something really special for you today. Although Capcom does not plan to release a new part in the series or even a remake of the classic Dino Crisis games, modder ‘Crazy Potato’ went ahead and modded Resident Evil 2 Remake in order to allow players to control, once again, Regina.
This Dino Crisis mod replaces Claire Redfield with Regina from Dino Crisis, as well as Leon with Dylan Morton. Sherry is also now wearing a new jacket dedicated to the Dino Crisis series, and there will be some goodies for players to collect at the RPD main hall.
According to the modder, Scenario A spawns the weapons and to get the Glock you must be wearing the Regina Costume or have it installed to use it. Also note that folders must be separate and not combined or you might get some odd effects.
>> Check out this mod at Nexus Mods.



Metro Exodus – Day-1 Update detailed, full patch release notes revealed
4A Games has released the day-1 update for Metro Exodus (which is around 2GB in size) and revealed its complete changelog. According to the release notes, this day-1 patch adds more filters for Photo Mode, improves VO and subtitles timing in all languages and brings general performance, balance and polish improvements.
>> But it doesn't fix the blurry DLSS.

JUMP FORCE runs really smooth on the PC but suffers from console porting issues
Since I’m a big anime fan, I was really looking forward to JUMP FORCE. JUMP FORCE is an anime/manga 3D brawler, featuring the world’s most popular and classic manga/anime franchises including DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE, NARUTO, and many others. And while the game appears to be running smoothly on the PC, it suffers from major console porting issues.

Far Cry New Dawn – Day-1 update detailed, full patch release notes revealed
Ubisoft has detailed the day-1 update for Far Cry New Dawn. According to the release notes, this patch will fix and tweak some missions, will resolve some issues with the game’s User Interface and will come with a number of fixes for its game world.

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