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haxxiy said:
JEMC said:
I fear so. Do you have a spare PSU to use while you get a new one? Personally, I would get rid of the faulty one as soon as possible.

My brother won't lend me his. So, no RE2 second run for Teddie here anytime soon. The shit thing is is that I'm exceptionally having lots and lots of spare time this week.

It's actually weird. You can notice the noise shifting about as the PC draws more or less power. I've had a PSU capacitor explode on me years ago, so I'm really wary of this stuff and have ordered a new one already.

I hope it arrives soon and that you can waste your free time put that spare time into good use.

And, once you build a new PC from the ground up, I'd keep the old PSU just in case. They're not that big.

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