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Guessed by Flilix

Speaking of platformers, and speaking of Mario, well, here it is. Odyssey was pure, unadultered magic. From the moment you first boot it up all the way to the ending, this is one of those rides that just make you feel like an 8-year-old and have this 'instant nostalgia' quality to them. There's so much to love about this game, from amazing moments like the New Donk City Festival, to amazing locales like Bowser's Kingdom, to the surprisingly fun story (I'd never expect Bowser kidnapping Peach to get this good!), but I think the one thing that stands out the most and really holds the whole experience together is Cappy. Yeah, this one little ghost hat with a silly name, that guy just made this game for me, because he encapsulates all of the magic this game brings out. From the moment you land on Cap Kingdom and meet him, you can't help but be enticed by his childlike attitude, and whenever he's talking to you (especially those moments on the Odyssey) I just feel like I'm on a proper adventure with a nice friend.

All in all, this game had a lot of room to go up the list this year, since I got to play it by myself and had a lot of time for it. However, as much as I enjoyed my second playthrough of it (even more than the first one, I'd say), I did do the post-game this time, and it was honestly quite disappointing - nothing there of real interest outside of that one final level, everything else was mostly just a bother. Playing the post-game felt really draining to me, and it brought nothing close to the awe and joy the main campaign did.