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barneystinson69 said:
Welfare said:
I would not use the term flop. PS4 slim had 3 weeks of sales while the XB1 had a full 5 weeks of post launch sales. And it sounds like both systems were close.

Keep in mind the PS4 also had a price-cut. On even footing, Microsoft usually is way behind. 

Shortly after the Slim reveal they price was cut by $50 for the CoD bundle to $299 and not long after than and still currently on sale is the Uncharted 4 LE console at $279, Xbox One had the week of free game sale as well.  There has actually been some good offers and price cuts and good incentive to buy a console in September and even with the Pro taking some sales away for pre-orders Sony will probably be disapointed that the PS4 is down YoY after the $50-70 price cuts along side the slim launch.