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Shadow1980 said:
Lawlight said:
So release of the XboxOne S and only a 114k lead? Not looking too good going into the holidays.

They're decent numbers. Not as great as the 360's were when its own slimline model came out, but still good. The real test will be the coming months. The 360's best sales period was the 22 months from June 2010 to March 2012. If the XBO cannot sustain a baseline in 2017 stronger than its previous baseline, then there's a reason to worry. At minimum, I think the XBO needs to consistently sell at least 25% more units throughout the Jan.-Aug. period for the XBO S to have been considered a success. If YoY growth is modest, and especially if it starts to taper off by mid-year to where sales are flat YoY, the the XBO S can probably be said to have only kept sales stable, and that's not what I'd call "successful" for a slimline model.

The 360 Fat models also recieved a price drop in June 2010 and those helped June 2010 perform better than May 2010 more so than the S did. August 2016 is different since the fat models got a price drop 2 months earlier. It does look like the XB1S performed similarly to the 360S since it the XB1S did at least 150k with a staggered release between diffrent models compared to the 180.7k the 360S did in 3 weeks. But yes, the upcoming months are crucial for the S to see if it increases sales or mearly halts the slow down of sales.

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