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Farsala said:

Eh the PS3/Wii/360 had a whopping 0 total pricecuts after any next gen console released. While the PS2 had at least 2 pricecuts, maybe even more after the next gen released.

PS1 also had pricecuts during PS2's lifetime. It hardly affected PS2, and in fact may have strengthened brand awareness for PS2.

I think the same for PS2. After people bought a PS2 in pricecut form in 2005-2009, lots of people intended to stay with PS which lead to strong late gen sales of PS3.

You might be right about profitability, but for total hardware sales and brand awareness I think the pricecuts would have been beneficial.

Almost 70 million units have been sold in the U.S. between the 360 & PS3. I'd say brand awareness isn't a problem. What set the PS3 & 360 apart is that by time they passed their peaks, there weren't nearly as many potential buyers left as there were when the PS2 passed its peak. Their sales potential was getting close to exhausted, and as a result they were guaranteed to have weak post-peak legs:

method114 said:
Haven't paid much attention to NPD lately. How long has MS been down YoY with the X1?