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killeryoshis said:
Handhelds aren't the only thing that are declining.
Consoles for 2007 Feb
Nintendo DS – 485K
Nintendo Wii – 335K
Sony PS2 – 295K
Microsoft Xbox 360 – 228K
Sony PSP – 176K
Nintendo GBA – 136K
Sony PS3 – 127K
Nintendo GameCube – 24K

PS4 or Xb one(Still a stupid name to me) can't even match the PS2 at this point and don't even talk about the wii.
Vita is doing dieing GC numbers and 3DS is losing to PSP. Handhelds could just be ahead of a trend that all video games consoles will soon head to.

Fun note: GBA outsold PS3 O.o ok I had to do that

Assuming you're not joking, then you're doing it wrong. Don't just grab numbers for all systems from one specific month, because it doesn't tell us anything without any context to go along with it. For example, when did those systems come out? What were their sales curves like? Do it right and compare like with like, first February vs February, first year vs first year. Align those launches.

The PS2 sold 1087k in Q4 2000. The PS4 sold 2009k in Q4 2013. In 2001, the PS2 sold 248k in January and 233k in February, a total of 481k. This year, the PS4 sold 271k in January and 285k in February, a total of 555k. So, the PS4 is ahead of the PS2 YTD for their respective first full calendar year by 74k, and it's ahead of the PS2 LTD by 996k. So, the PS4 is so far trending well ahead of the PS2, and WAY beyond the PS3. The PS4 needs to sell 6.17 million units to match what the PS2 did in 2001 and only 2.56M to match what the PS3 did in 2007.

The XBO had a better launch quarter than the 360, selling 1817k vs. 607k for the 360. The XBO sold 400k combined for the first two months of this year vs. 411k for the 360 in the first two months of 2006. So far, the XBO is trending ahead of the 360 in LTD sales and is so far barely behind the 360 in YTD sales when comparing the 360's 2006 with the XBO's 2014. The XBO needs to sell 3.9 million to match what the 360 did in 2006 and only 3.18M to match what the Xbox did in 2002.

According to VGC's numbers (because I haven't bothered collecting NPD data for handhelds yet for my own personal graphs) the 3DS is after three full years on the market at about 1.3 million units ahead of where the PSP was three years after its launch (and they both launched in March). It has somewhat worse baseline sales than the PSP did, but it does a lot better during the holidays and it sold noticeably better in each of its first three years than the PSP did. The 3DS needs to sell about 3.8 million units to match what the PSP did in 2008. While it may seem like it won't based solely on January and February, if history repeats itself it'll have a far better holiday than the PSP (the PSP sold 1441k for Nov.+Dec. 2008, well under any 3DS holiday so far).