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twesterm said:
ChronotriggerJM said:
eugene said:
Ill bite harder, Bungie > Insomniac + Guerrilla games

LOL very true if your 12 :) Bungie put out the most basic run of the mill FPS and the fan's ate it up :) The only thing bungie did before anyone was have a console fps that played online XD but hey, if that's the only ticket you need to enter the greatness park then man we have some outstanding devs ;)

Actually, you're a little wrong.

Halo was important because it had very good controls for a console FPS, the regenerating shield was important, and the system link made the game more accessible to large amounts of people than any other (good) console game out there.

Halo 2 was important because of the online play and minor improvements to the game.

Didn't Unreal already use that system?

This thread is absolutely ridiculous though. I will set about derailing it with moderately humorous pictures and random posts.

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