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DMeisterJ said:
@ Grimboyjr

Ha, you're funny. You sorta remind me of this W29 guy that used to come around here and never made any sense.


lol To be honest you have become him lol.  As he mentioned your the only one offended.  As I said before please just get over it.  Did the mods lock my thread?  Did anyone else complain?  Seriously stop trying to police what is not there.  People really don't care especially if rules are not being broken.  Your title thread wasn't even that much different than mine yet you want to whine about it LOL.  I'll take my title any day over yours as it is more to the point of what could be a huge deal vs the obvious a VP of MS is going to say good things about the 360 Duh.  Again because it seems it just doesn't seem to hit you in the head it was an interview in which it was stated that gta4 for the PS3 may not have multiplayer which to me and I am assumed others would be a big deal.  Not sure what else I can say to make you happy.  How about I promise to find an article that shows how great the PS3 is doing or how things are screwy for the 360?  Would that cheer you up?  Would that stop you second second guessing me since your not a mod after all?