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kcua_626 said:
MS is holding back a lot. When the game expos start, MS will have lots to announce. Sony won't. Why? good software track record for the 360 of course. Sony may have lost considerable amounts of exclusives once again to MS.

I just love it when 360 fanboys look at console war history only from the time the 360 was released as if to say that everything that happened before is meaningless. It is easy to take shots at the ps3 seeing as how it is in it's infancy and being behind the 360 by a full year and even longer in PAL regions.

It would seem very hasty to judge the lifetime performance of the ps3 on the last 12 months. Despite having a very high pricepoint during its release and having to compete against two other consoles the ps3 has managed to sell roughly the same amount of consoles as the 360 had sold at the same point in its lifespan.

 I think it is safe to say that they will both do well next year with the 360 having an edge in America and the ps3 elsewhere. We should all be satisfied with the consoles that we have chosen and accept that other people have different preferances. There's no point in puting down other consoles as that will have no effect in the outcome.