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"""Congrats guys for turning this into a flamewar. Keep it in mind the next time you feel like complaining about trolling in the Sony forums."""

=> NJ5, the first post itself is a flamewar-starter :
"Well according to miked at least PS3 owners get better HD movies!"
That is all I have to said.

"""Sony has the money...
Sony had faulty batteries that had a 100% chance of cataching on fire...
Sony, would only replace bad batteries and offered no warranty extensions...
I forgive you..."""

==> you just have forgotten the "IF" at the beginning,
it is quite different from the failure rate of the Xbox360 that is real  ! go ask ckmlb
Whatever, for me, the 3 years warranty from Microsoft is their best move of 2007. It is very well played frm them. But that doesn't change the fact that their console was rushed ...

Time to Work !