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The war isn't inevidable. LMAO. It seems more unlikely, that US will not attack Iran. Iran is too strong for them to start fighting there alone. Differece between Iran and Iraq, is that Iran is a lot bigger country and they may not want their government dead. Anyway, USA would definately need reinforcements, like it had in Iraq, but the opposition in Europe is so strong, that the politicians don't want to dig their political grave like for example Tony Blair and Gernhard Schöder did (and the reason why some European countries attacked Iraq, was Iraq owning them a lot of money, which Iraq didn't pay). So, USA isn't really getting any help from Europe. I don't think even Australia is willing to attack Iran. That leaves Israel to support USA, but there's this problem that Israel is between a rock and a hard place, Israel is surrounded by countries, who want Israel dead, so when the rumble starts, Israel propably will be attacked from every direction. And they don't want that.

Anyway, can someone tell me what Iran has done? The reason why USA is after Iran, is because as a OPEC member, Iran wants (OPEC) to trade oil in Euros (just like also Iraq wanted).

If cause is better than means, then Israel should be terminated, since the reason why they fight so much in the middle-east, is because they want to get rid of the jews.

@Sqrl: Oh please, you propably are the only one who doesn't see it being propaganda. Stop watching Fox and mixing up the radical group such as PLO or Al-Qaeda at the area, with the countries governments. I could say British being extremist christians because of IRA.
Now, i don't say that Irans government would be the good guy, but it's not exactly the bad guy either.
So, the radical Islam isn't any worse than radical Christianity, since they both have the same causes. Also the US propaganda in this matter seem to be efficient, since this whole thing with Iran doesn't have nothing to do with religion. Do you even know many people in Iran are extremists? Do you know how much christians live in Iran? I don't see any reason why Iran would want to attack the western world, when the only reason they're not part of the western world, is that they have been blocked out of it.

Also notice, that the countries who make the most noise about Irans nuclear program, are the ones having nukes. Iran having nukes, would basically mean that these countries would have to be good friends with Iran (especially USA, which it don't want to).
Now, don't get me wrong, i'm against Iran having nukes (which they don't have), just like i'm against every existing nuke. I don't see why Iran couldn't have them, when "everyone else has nukes".

About the Israel and Nazis, there's definately some similarities, such as the jews having a goal to destroy Palestina. The point is, that they aren't any better.
So, if USA helps the ones that need help, without any personal gain, why they don't help the palestinian?

One of the reasons, when you say Europe sitting on their asses, while doing nothing, is that there are so many countries, and everyone has their own view. Just look who went to Afghanistan and Iraq. There's no such thing as "european army", every country has their own and most countries army exists only for defending their own country from possible attacker.

About the WWII, who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. For example my both grandfathers fought agains the allied, and the British declared a war to us by USAn pressuring. And all we did was defend our country against invasion from superior enemy. And how many countries did allied and it's allies actually invade?
And the real good guy, USA, luckily they didn't nuke hundreds of thousands civilian in Japan and luckily they didn't plan to nuke more.
As you can see, things aren't so black and white. There's actually no good guys or bad guys.

@Kyros: WWII wasn't a fight between good and evil. If you read some history, you may notice that. As i said, there were no good guys or bad guys. If the nazis would have won, you would still be saying that "luckily the good won".

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