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kirby007 said:
libellule said:

Microsoft doesn't have any exclusive left able to counter Sony,
I m not talking about exclusive games, I m talking about BIG exclusive game able to counter Sony line-up.

The GTA4 exclusive content/add-on is their last weapon.
If they use it correctly (bundle+price drop), they will win the war,

In the other case, it is game over.

plz try better Ninja Gaiden II, Halo Wars, Turok, Army of Two, Frontlines

Leave the Sony fanboys alone...  The only good games are on Sony consoles and the only features that matter are Sony features...  Sony has DLC and rumble now...  360 had it since 2005, but, heh the Sony fanboys have to brag about something.  Next year, (as with last year) they get Home... And the exclusives...  Wow...  They have just as many in 2008 as 360.  So, just let them live in dreamland.  Sony talks, Microsoft delivers.