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misteromar mk4 said:
nintendo_fanboy said:

You obviously are a racist, and I'll report you. Calling a Nazi a "boy scout" scares the hell out of me, and as I said, I don't agree with the things Jews are doing in Israel, but it can't be compared to what Nazis have done, and they mainly did it to Jews.
You can't compare the number of dead russians to the number of dead jews because the russians were soldiers while the jews were civilists. You obviously have no clue about history and should really be quiet now.

Im not racist, I stand next african, Indonesians, Malay, pakistanis, Indian's, and pray with them. Every colour under the sun and I love them like brothers. Im just saying it like it is.


No the 20 million was Russian civilians, you have the hysteric reaction to mention of "jews " in any bad light. This was another reason they hijack the holocaust for them self apart from the money. They have become a protected species, they cannot be criticised for anything, because people have been conditioned to feel sympathy for them. The result is irrational defense of them and failure to see anything they do in a bad light. Not surprising since they own most media, all off Hollywood (very strong tools they use to condition the masses thinking) not to mention world banking and finance.

The leader of Malaysia said as much to the UN in front of the whole world, I para phrase, "The world is run by jews by proxy. How is that a people that a fraction of 1% of the population have such control over the world? (banking, world diamond trade etc) He is a educated man and world leader, not some backwards red neck.

The whole thing comes back to the jews being the only reason america has a intrest in the middle east is to protect them because the jews have such a powerful lobby group in the usa. Iraq was a threat to the jews, usa invades, Iran wants to wipe israel of the map, usa wants to goto war with them. How come north Korea never got invaded, because they never threaten the jews.

The jews would rather americans die for them than fight themself. So the poorest americans are shipped of to fight in Iraq. (for wmd lol)

BOLD TEXT: This is the same type of bullshit put forth by Adolf Hitler. Putting one group of people in a group to unite your religion against them in hate is nothing new, and it is just as dangerous as naziism. And Hitler was also educated and not a 'red neck', what's your freakin point??

Your Jewish paranoia is just stupid. You have destroyed your credibility and made yourself a joke. We invaded afghanistan because we were attacked by a terrorist group based from there, and they would not give them up. We attacked Iraq because our intelligence services, as well as most intelligence services in the world (not just bush as some morons would like us to think) believed strongly that Saddam either had or was developing WMDs and hated us enough to sell them to our enemies (Al Quiada). We did not find stockpiles of WMDs, but we did find some. We found mustard gas tipped warheads, we found recently used Chem weapons training facilities that contained small stores of nerve gasses such as VX, Mustard, etc. We found some mobile chem labs that could have been used to create chemical weapons and had traces of these chemicals. All of these are enough to firmly prove that Iraq was in material breach of the UN's mandates, and justify an invasion according to the UN's resolutions.

Both of these wars were in OUR national interest and had NOTHING to do with the Jews. If we wanted to protect the Jews so bad, why didn't we invade Palestine?? Have you thought anything through, or has your blind jew-hate tainted your entire world view?

And on invading Iran. They have threatened the annhialation of an entire nation (isreal). This is a very dangerous thing to do. If somebody makes threats like this, we should believe them. Case in point, the Nazis.