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konnichiwa said:
Kyros said:
"Hey, they would not say they started the war. They would say they were provoked like the US did."

If you believe that they could rewrite history like that you can also believe that the US has not landed on the moon. Sorry but in our democratic countries we have universities with history departments trying to recreate a detailed past. In a democratic country you cannot "change" the truth in a big way like that. They have tried to change the past in the Sovjetunion and DDR but they didn't even believe it in there. The only country that really has information control over a big part of its society is North Korea and even that is slipping.

 If we have to believe Democratic countries Russians are monsters and Chinese citizens are born with a nuclear bomb on their back.

we don't talk about russia much over here.  about all i've heard about them in the last 5 years is the radiation poisoned guy.

and as far of china. evidently their trying to poison us with lead.

i'm sorry but if your not in the middle east our news stations don't really care about you.