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Kyros said:
"Hey, they would not say they started the war. They would say they were provoked like the US did."

If you believe that they could rewrite history like that you can also believe that the US has not landed on the moon. Sorry but in our democratic countries we have universities with history departments trying to recreate a detailed past. In a democratic country you cannot "change" the truth in a big way like that. They have tried to change the past in the Sovjetunion and DDR but they didn't even believe it in there. The only country that really has information control over a big part of its society is North Korea and even that is slipping.



They had already thought of that part. And democratic means nothing here, since Hitlar was chosen democraticly, I find it strange for you to use that to back up your claims.

You have still not been able to refute what I said. Of course now you know that the Nazis made up the polish attack on Germany, but if they had won nobody would have known that until it was too late. I mean the US did it in the Spanish wars and later against cuba http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Project. You don't hear anybody say why the US killed 400 innocent cubans, because you were the victor. proves my point again. Or how about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing since they are the victors history is on their side. Nobody seems to care that they did the wrong thing.