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shrimpy_boy11 said:
I just want to ask something. Dont take it personally but do you fellow americans realise you have an one hell of an idiot for a president?

 as an american, yes, yes we do.  however, i would like to add a few words in my countries defence.

1. bush only won the election by a small marigan, he doesn't have wide spread support.

2. a good portion of bush's support comes from those who vote on only one issue, abortion, and don't nessissaryily agree or care what else he does.

3. in the mid term elelctions democrates won by a pretty large margin because most americans are tired of this war and bush in general.

4. despite the mid-term election, the democrates haven't managed to do anything of value.  there just isn't much for leadership or organization in the democrates and it's keeping them politically weak.

5. there is a reason that the presidential race started almost a full year earlier than normal.  we're on a countdown until we get rid of this guy.


so, as an american, i apoligize to each and every one of you.  i voted for kerry, but i'm still sorry.