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gorgepir, there are different discussions going on in this thread, and the one you contribute to is not the one someone was called a racists.

You are right to a certain degree, we don't know how the world had turned out if the Nazis had won the war, and democracy is not looked at as a good thing in all parts of the world. (Just look at Russia for example.)
But the downfall of the Sowjet Union as a victor of WWII, you see that evil victors also come to a point were they lose.

Also, there is never a war where good fights against evil, even WWII was more complicated. There were three forces and in my opinion, two of them were evil (Sowjet Russia and Nazi Germany). Also, human psychology is quite complicated and you can't say all germans were evil even though they loved Hitler. Many of them lost their life as did millions of Jews, Russians, other Europeans, Americans etc.

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