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"Dont take it personally but do you fellow americans realise you have an one hell of an idiot for a president? "

Disclaimer I am European and Georgyboy is in many areas pretty incompetent. But to be honest the US has been and is a better force in the world than Europe.

You don't want Iran with Nuclear weapons. You need to show that you are willing to not let this happen. North Korea is isolated an nuclear Iran would be so much more dangerous.

Its like in real world you need to talk sensible with others (something the US has not done in the past) but if someone is doing something criminal you have to stand up against him (something Europe never does).

I think the good cop/bad cop team US/Europe is perhaps no bad idea but this doesn't work with only good cops.

Irak has become a disaster but sometimes you need to use force, like the balkan where 10 years of european negotiations and sanctions couldn't do what 6 weeks of american-lead NATO bombardment achieved (very simplified). Or Sierra Leone where pregnant woman were killed by drugged up child soldiers which was resolved by a couple of british platoons in a matter of weeks. And an american aircraft carrier in the street of Taiwan is infinitely more responsible for Taiwan still being an independent, democratic country than all negotiations of the world.

Most of the time you need to negotiate, sometimes you need to threaten the use of force and sometimes you need to use force. But all of these things have to be done when they are appropriate. Neither the Bush way ("proactive" force) nor the European way (let's talk about it) are right.

//rant off